The ABC's of Grade One


The ABC’s of Ms. Legge’s Class



Please call the school, email or send a note when your child is absent.

Please note that our classroom is peanut, fish and banana free due to life threatening allergies.

Arrivals and Departures

All children are expected to be seated and ready to begin school at 8:30am.  School dismisses at 2:35pm.  All parents of students in grades 3-6 should wait in the foyer for their children.


Back to School

The first few weeks of school we will be getting to know each other and I will become familiar with your child’s learning styles.



Each child will be taught that they are responsible for their actions and reactions.  The three B’s at our school is to be safe, be respectful and be responsible. I will discuss positive behaviour rewards during curriculum night.

Bee Binder

Your student is learning to be organized and responsible. The bee binder will contain everything your child needs for home and school. Please check daily and return to school everyday.


Blizzard is our school mascot. Each day your child has an opportunity to earn a blizzard coins from all teachers.  These coins are collected in each classroom and the class with the most coins gets to have Blizzard visit for the week.


Book Orders

Every month book orders will go home. There is no obligation to purchase books. Should you choose to purchase books please make all cheques payable to Scholastic.


Change in Transportation

Please send in a note, email or call the school office should your child have a change in transportation afterschool. 



Communication between home and school is of the upmost importance for your child’s success. Should you have any questions or concerns, I have an open door policy. Feel free to catch me after school or email me throughout the day. I check my email regularly.

In the event of a school emergency or closure, I will send an email to all parents.



In my classroom I differentiate instruction, which means that students are taught based on their instructional levels and interests. Groupings change frequently.



In our classroom students will learn the value of earning and saving money as they get paid for their behaviour, responsibility, organization and good deeds.  They are to keep track of their money and may have to save up to purchase different prizes.



Usually you will find your child’s work has been based on a rubric scale rating 1-5.



Typically spelling, reading and occasional math or language homework will be assigned each week.  Bigger projects and assignments will be given notice of due dates.  Each child is expected to read OUTLOUD for 20 mins each night.



Each child will be responsible for different classroom jobs throughout the year.



Please provide your child with a healthy lunch each day. Lunch takes place from 11:45-12:35.  Each child is to come prepared to go outside each lunchtime. Also, each child is asked to bring in a vinyl or plastic placemat.


Mystery Readers

This year I would like the offer parents to be a mystery reader throughout the year.  I will provide a signup sheet at Curriculum night and will contact you to schedule a time for you to come in and read to our class.  Remember that you are a mystery to your child and the rest of the class, so don’t give away that you’ll be coming in. Please bring a short book with you, if you are unsure of a book I will gladly provide one for you.


Parent Homework

Throughout the year, I may have different jobs for parents to do at home such as cutting, gluing or coloring.  If you are interested in making yourself available for helping with some of my homework please let me know. I appreciate your help J


Positive Rewards

Our class will have a compliment chart. Each time our class receives a compliment from an adult (teacher/parent) we will receive a sticker on our chart. When we fill in the chart the class will receive a reward.


Provincial Assessments

Known as CRTs, the Grade Three students will have a provincial assessment in Math and Language Arts during late May and June.


Report Cards

Report cards go home 3 times a year December, March and June.  December and March’s reports will be followed up by a parent teacher interview. 



Each child will start out with the same spelling words but as I begin to differentiate, each child may move into different groups and each group will have different spelling words.  It is important that each child copy down their spelling words on Mondays. If they are absent it is their responsibility to ask for their words. 


Star of the Week

Each week a different child is chosen as Star of the Week. They will have certain responsibilities and special privileges throughout the week. Each child will need to bring in a picture.



If your child runs out of supplies, they are to replace them as soon as possible. It is always a good idea to purchase extra glue sticks and pencils in September while they are on sale.



If a test should be given, each child is asked to bring it home for a parent’s signature and returned the next day.



Students are asked not to bring toys to school as they can become lost.  I will have show and tell days throughout the year and they will be allowed to bring in their toys on special days like this. 



I feel that it is very important for a child to know that his family supports his/her education.  As such, I try to provide as many opportunities as I can to have parents volunteer and visit our classroom.  Your support can be exhibited in many ways, which includes helping with parties, fieldtrips, sending in treats or party goods, providing prizes for our classroom economy and preparing materials at home.  Volunteers are the heart of our school.



I will do my best to keep this website up to date. Each week the homework will be posted and the parent communication page is where you will find memos from me. You will receive an email when I have added a memo to the parent communication page. 



Make sure your child gets plenty of rest.  Having a regular bedtime is a wonderful gift to give your child as it will help them be at their best for school!